Friday, March 11, 2011

Missed Period: Are You Worried About Pregnancy?

Missed period is a very common issue in women! The cause of missed period or delayed period may vary, but most of the time women are worried about pregnancy. To some extent their anxiousness is justifiable because a lot of couples are not ready for new baby,  few couples may perceive it as a financial burden while others may have social limitation. In a simple word the major cause of stress is unwanted pregnancy. This article is focused on the potential causes of missed period and their risk of pregnancy.
Delayed period is frequently encountered in early menarche and in perimenopausal women. In most of the cases, this is mainly due to anovulatory cycles. Moreover, women are aware of this fact and do not get panic easily.

Once you start having regular cycle, and then missed a period, this is something that requires your attention. Just keep in mind that each cycle is different and you may have some variation in bleeding, flow and duration of period. A normal menstrual cycle may range from 21-35 days, any variation within this time frame may not be alarming. Missed period by itself does not mean pregnancy, you need to have unprotected sex during ovulation time, sign and symptoms of early pregnancy, and a positive home pregnancy test.

Many women start worrying without proper idea of actual cause of delayed period. There are many potential cause of delayed period some of them are stress, change in diet, change in environment, change in job, thyroid problem, high prolactin, sudden wt. loss, eating disorder, medications etc. Even though there is a big list of potential causes, but I must say that pregnancy is the one of the most common causes of delayed period.

I am giving you an easy solution to rule out pregnancy so that you can calm down your nerves.
1. Fist make sure you had unprotected sex during ovulation time (unsafe period)
2. Keep your eyes open for early sign and symptoms of pregnancy such as tiredness, nausea, mood changes, and morning sickness.
3. Do Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) after your period due date.

If your answer is no to above questions, then you are in safer side. If you have mixed response for above questions, you can repeat HPT two weeks after your period due date. If it is still negative, then you are in safer side. As long as the cause of delayed period is not pregnancy, you can safely wait for your next period. Yes, you don't have to rush to your OBG every time you have delayed period. However, if it is happening more frequently, then you may like to have proper evaluation and investigation to pin point the exact cause of the problem.


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